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Caught somewhere in time!

Hello there! We are two sisters from Serbia. Our blog is dedicated to things we like, such as art in general (music, comics, literature etc), vehicles, mythology, nature... but it's also personal.
You can always ask us for advice or just kill your boredom. Also, we'd like to hear your opinions and suggestions. If we didn't reply to your message, we probably didn't receive it so feel free to send it again.
We follow back everyone except nsfw blogs. So don't mind if we unfollow you for posting explicit content too often.

About Katarina
Date of birth:


Favorite music genres:
rock, metal, blues, classical, native indian...

Favorite movie genres:
horror, thriller, action, comedy

Favorite video games:
Batman AC, Skyrim, Bloodrayne, Assasin's creed, Prince of Persia

Favorite comics:
Sandman, Batman, Thor

About Milica
Date of birth:


Favorite music genres:
rock, metal, classical, native indian, old pop...

Favorite movie genres:
horror, thriller, comedy

Favorite video games:
Batman AC, Skyrim, Need for speed, Prince of Persia

Favorite comics:
Superman, Batman, Spiderman

Norse mythology - Gods

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