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female privilege is feeling unsafe literally everywhere you go and men getting personally offended by you feeling unsafe

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me on life
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my sarcasm is at it’s best when I hear a stupid question

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  • (big blunt imagery comes running and screaming through the halls)
  • Nicko: Hey Jan! I'm going with you guys! *takes a deep breath*
  • Adrian: Have you not heard of phone? You could've called us, we would wait.
  • Nicko: Oh... Bloody hell! *takes another breath*
  • Janick: I wouldn't have waited for him!
  • Adrian: Shut the hell up Jan.
  • Janick: Really? Is that your whole vocabulary?
  • Nicko: Oh you clumsy little shit. Calm down.
  • Adrian: Where is Dave? You left him alone?
  • Nicko: He's there crying at his double-triple chin.
  • Janick: Poor Dave. I would've been upset too if I had to take such surgery just to survive.
  • Nicko: Did you really fall for that?
  • Adrian: *looks at his phone* It's Bruce!
  • Adrian: *answers the call* Hey, where have you been!?
  • Bruce: *speaks slowly and mumbles* Ay H! I'm here sitting all fine at the stone cold wall nearby Steve's house and a bottle of vodka.
  • Adrian: What the hell Bruce!? Why are you not answering your phone!?
  • Bruce: I was just down to this pub and... It was... Beer... Warm... And I woke up in the bathroom with my head half way in the toilet. Then I went to look for Harry. I stopped by... There was this-
  • Adrian: Cut the crap! Where are you exactly?
  • Bruce: Oh, Harry... He's taking care of me... What does happen when I click this red but-
  • (call ended)
  • Adrian: Fucking idiot. Call Harry.
  • (at the room guys left maybe 30 minutes ago)
  • Dave: Co-co-co-coming. *sobs*
  • Dave: *answers the phone*
  • Adrian: Harry!
  • Dave: Ade!
  • Adrian: Ugh... Dave?
  • Dave: Kill Nicko for me, please. *drops the phone*
  • Adrian: Dave! Dave! Oh, why is this happening!?
  • Nicko: That's what you get for being an unbeliever.
  • Adrian: Please!
  • Adrian: Where is Jan?
  • Janick: Here he is! *carries Bruce in his arms, as a bride*(crazy little man giggles)
  • Bruce: Ay Nick!
  • Adrian: I got to go to the bathroom. Stay there!
  • Nicko: I have so much to tell you! I found this site called Tumb... lah? lum? lair? I wouldn't know. This. *points at Steve's mobile phone*
  • Bruce: That's. Harry's. phone! You thief! *hangs his left arm and points at the phone with his right arm*
  • Janick: *tries to pick up Bruce fully again* (little man hitches)Nicko: Shut up. Look at this.
  • Bruce: Oh, I know this. I told Harry a-bout it.
  • Nicko: I should've known. Bloody hell!
  • Janick: Well, I don't know about it.
  • Bruce: Show him! Justice for all! *falls asleep*
  • Nicko: *types janick gers*Janick: So, a site ran by Bruce?
  • Nicko: Nooo! Why would you assume such thing?
  • Janick: There isn't really anyone who would question my sexuality, but him.*scrolls further* Is this girl into me?
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  • person: this thing tastes funny
  • me: why are you not laughing?
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